Emily Carr House

Important Notice

Emily Carr House is CLOSED for the Winter Season.
Any questions: please email ecarr@shaw.ca

Emily Carr House

“By and by the little girls grew up and the town grew up and Father and Mother died. The old property was divided…All staying by Father’s original land, the sisters dined together on Sundays.”
From the writings of Emily Carr. 

Visit us soon and find out how the story carries on of this imaginative, creative, eccentric artist, writer and lover of nature. 

Emily Carr House and Gardens, a National and Provincial Historic Site, are now “all in order and carefully tended” for you to come and experience. Stroll through the open gates and along the path that leads you towards the back verandah. Step into Emily Carr’s family home and discover for yourself how she emerged from this traditional colonial upbringing to become the internationally renowned painter and writer whose legacy of inspiration grows stronger with the passage of time. At your own pace, tour through the lovingly restored and beautifully appointed downstairs rooms. Pull up a chair in her parlour, curl up with one of her many autobiographical books and you will gain not only a sense of the context of the times in which she lived but, also come to appreciate how she was so remarkably ahead of those times.  A Post-Impressionist and Modernist painter, writer and thinker; a champion of First Peoples; an advocate for social justice; and an environmentalist- Emily Carr was a true visionary.
Throughout the season we will be hosting contemporary art exhibitions, literary readings and social justice forums as an homage to Carr’s legacy- look for details under Events.
By special arrangement and depending upon availability, we also offer a unique and insightful programme presented by professional actress Karen Lenz. Called “Carry On”   the performance delves into an often overlooked spiritual and profound dimension of Emily Carr. After touring the house we encourage you to sit awhile in the peaceful side garden or on the covered back veranda. We welcome you to partake of a complimentary refreshment in order to fully savour your experience before heading on. Our gift shop is well stocked with all of Emily’s beautifully vivid writings, including her Governor General award winning book, Klee Wyck. We also, have a fine selection of  her poster and print images.

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