Listen. Do you hear that? It’s the spirits of the house talking. I can hear them, every night, they speak to me. I follow their whispers that come through the walls, the floors, the ceiling. There in the back of the house! Come quick if you are to see them. No wait! They are now in the front of the house. I cry out to them. It’s a strange cry- one I’m normally not able to do but the house changes me. Oh, how I keep hearing them and they keep moving. Why won’t they stay in one place? “Whiskers” See, they speak my name. “Whiskers” It comes from upstairs. I’m coming, do not leave. I look up and see my human starting down at me. “Whiskers?” Was it you who was calling me? “Why are you howling downstairs, you strange cat?” Oh, my human’s, they cannot hear them? I am the only that does. They have stopped talking now but tomorrow it will begin again.