I am a well read cat. I have enjoyed many of the classics while sitting in my human’s lap. I have been caught up in the greatly conflicted romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Bram Stoker has made me scared of vampires and werewolves give me the shivers. I follow with suspense who killed Roger Ackroyd. I do love a good book. But, when my human is reading and she is overlooking me, when she should be paying attention to how fabulous I am and instead her head is bent over her book. That is where I draw the line. Jane Austen becomes an enemy and I will have victory.  I have many fine strategies to get her attention. I paw at her head when she is looking down at the page. I fall asleep on open pages and refuse to move. I flip the pages making her loose her place And finally if all else fails I purr and curl into her lap with such a grin on my sweet little face that she puts down the book and proves that she loves me more than Elizabeth Bennett ever loved Mr. Darcy.