Christmas is starting at Emily Carr House, the boxes are being brought into the rooms, each filled with different decorations. Early? No not at all, things must be ready for the first week of December. Trees must be assembled, angels must be hung, and boxes must be explored! Oh here’s a big one! I wonder what could possibly be in it? Maybe I will have a quick look. JUMP! THUD! Nothing! This box is already empty, what ever was in here now has a place in one of the rooms. Doesn’t matter. JUMP! THUD! I will find another box. Oh here’s one a little smaller, but it could have many treasures. JUMP! SOOSH! Oh it’s a box of ribbon all different kinds. Look mommy, look human I’m a mummy cat now just like the Egyptians. Oh! Now what is in that box? JUMP! THUD!