The dark days are over, for now any ways. Two of our humans left us for a time. We knew it was coming we always do, we see those things called suitcases and we know they are a sign of dread and despair. For days we had to watch them pack and scramble all the while ignoring the beautiful cats that we are. And then the day came where they were gone left the house with a promise they would return, for days we explored the rooms searching. Would they come back? Had they arrived with out us knowing? Questions we asked each day until…yes is that their voices I hear? It is! They came home they do care they must love us…wait! I am mad at you, no I don’t want your hugs and kisses, you left us. No. No your apologies won’t work I am mad at you I must not forget that, even though I do love the feel of your arms holding me. NO! I am mad at you. But you do have that familiar smell. No I must stand my ground. Oh forget it we love you and you better not leave us every again.
-Misty and Whiskers