Megan Mansbridge – A Tabernacle in the Wood
An exhibition of new works by Canadian painter, Megan Mansbridge

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Victoria, BC –  Emily Carr House proudly presents Megan Mansbridge – “A Tabernacle in the Wood” from July 9th – 29th at Emily Carr House 207 Government St, Victoria BC. 

This Exhibition presents the work of Canadian artist, Megan Mansbridge and includes paintings from 2003 to the present.  Mansbridge has been heavily inspired by the life and work of Emily Carr throughout her painting career and shares with Carr, a deep reverence for the Pacific West Coast rainforest as sacred space and painting subject of immense scope.  

Sunday, July 9th 2017 
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Please join us to meet the artist!

I am looking for something indescribable, so light it can be crushed by a heavy thought, so tender even our enthusiasm can wilt it, as mysterious as tears.” Emily Carr – Hundreds and Thousands

Megan Mansbridge has shared a love and reverence for the Pacific West Coast rainforest with Emily Carr for decades. The seeds were planted when she visited the West Coast from her prairie home periodically as a child and continued to grow over the years with each new encounter she had with both it and with the work of Emily Carr.  Mansbridge strives to capture at least a whisper of what she feels when she is in the forest in paint on canvas.  And, like Carr, she knows that she will never really be fully successful in this endeavour as Nature’s mystery is part of Her magnificence. For Mansbridge, it is the sincere striving that matters most in the end.

The forest in its peaceful, grounding ways, has always been a most sacred and reverent place where healing of the body, mind and soul can take place for Mansbridge. The sacred mystery of the forest is explored in the colours, shapes and compositions rendered in oil on canvas.  The forest as ‘cathedral’ is a core theme of these new works.  The piece entitled “Cathedral” from 2003 pictured here, represents a launching point for the new works that have further explored  this fragmentation.  The resulting abstraction of the intersecting branches, trunks and foliage and the light that dances behind them, creates a sort of arboreal stained glass effect rather than an attempt at the literal depiction of each branch and leaf.  The use of robust splashes of vibrant colour, verdant greens, sumptuous reds and opulent yellows and blues is a celebration of the magnificence and majesty of the forest space.  Mansbridge hopes that this leaning away from more rigid depictions in her earlier work becomes an invitation to the viewer to experience the sacredness of the forest space each in their own personal way.

Almost a decade ago, Mansbridge answered the call of the forest, and has called the West Coast’s Sunshine Coast home ever since.

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Karen as Emily

Karen Lenz

Young Emily

Emily Carr

“Fulfill the Moment: Carry On”
It is with great pleasure we now offer
a unique opportunity for
visitors to experience a little known aspect of Emily Carr’s character. Through readings and song and representing a younger, more vital Emily Carr,
the incomparably talented actress and vocalist Karen Lenz will provide insight into Carr’s spiritual journey as expressed in Emily’s own writings.

Presentations of “Fulfill the Moment: Carry On” will include a background
tour of Emily Carr House with Resident Curator, Jan Ross, and light
refreshments in the dining room.

 This programme is available by special booking please email us for details and availability.

Throughout 2016 Emily Carr House will be hosting contemporary art shows, special events including poetry readings, workshops and adjunct seminars relating to Carr and her historical context. Please, look here for further details.




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