I understand it has been sometime since I have written but you must forgive my absence, earlier this year on July 1st I lost my beloved brother, friend and litter mate Whiskers. I know he was a good age, I am that age myself but it was still hard and took some time to come to terms with. Whiskers was one of a kind, he preferred human food to cat food, he loved to come when you whistled not caring if it was undignified. He drooled when you loved him up and purred like the little engine that could, and this house has not been the same since he sadly left us. Whiskers is still very much a part of this house, in the rooms and hallway. I have taken it upon myself to keep his spirit alive, I now have midnight freak outs in memory of him and take to curling up in some of his favorite spots. I will miss him more as Christmas approaches for this was his and my favorite time of year, but I know I will get through this first Christmas without him, with my humans by my side. I love you Whiskers and so did everyone in this house and Emily’s family. Love you.




Whiskers waiting for Visitors to arrive at Emily Carr House.