I have to give thanks to one of my humans, who has written a lovely children’s book The Carr House Cats at Christmas which stars me! We are having a Christmas party at Emily Carr House and have invited all our friends from Percy the Peacock who has been known to walk down the road and visit, and Lady Pepper the rabbit, to other neighbour kitties that we have known. As the party gets under way someone steals the Christmas pudding!! So we must go on the hunt to find it.

My human is doing a book signing, tomorrow on Friday December 13th at Full Circle Gallery. This is not an unlucky day for us here, for December 13th is also Emily Carr’s birthday. If you wish to pick up a book and get it signed then please do go down to the Gallery. I sadly won’t be there, for my place is here at Carr House but I will be there in spirit. Thank you!