It is cold outside. Yes, I can see the sun, but it is still cold. I insited that I go out doors last week since I had been feeling like a prisoner in my own home. My humans kept saying to me, “You won’t like it. It’s far too cold out there.” And I think to myself, “Humans thinking they know everything.” I insited more and finally they gave in, so out doors I went, with my human trailing behind me. I look to her and think, “What are are you doing here? I am perfectly capable to be out doors by myself.” And my human says, “I just know you are going to want in, and the moment your paws get cold you will want me to pick you up and carry you.” I snort, “We’ll just see about that.” So I walked with my human trailing behind, I tried to take no notice of her. I kept walking, sure my fur got a little puffy but I kept walking, and my nose was a little more pink then normal…but I kept walking, and when I got to the grass and felt it underneath my paws I may have shuddered but I kept walking. My human asked from behind, “Are you done yet? Can you just admit that it’s cold and we can go inside?” I looked at her trying to make my fur not appear as fluffy and sneezed, and that was all that was needed to be said for she picked me up and held me warm against her. “You silly cat,” she said, “let’s go in and curl up on the couch together.” I didn’t even try to protest, I purred in her arms and let her warm my paws and nose.