June 6 – 16 2013

Joe Fafard

Emily and Her Menagerie


Janice Ross


Emily Carr House

“I can’t put a finger on what compels me to make these things, but I keep doing it anyway. Well, it is a good way to live and make a living. I’m quite happy about it!”

Joe Fafard
September 2002

Join Joe Fafard in celebration of a successful career that spans more than five decades for an unforgettable show at Emily Carr House. This exclusive exhibit will focus primarily on Fafard’s extraordinary sculptures, which vary in size from small steel laser cuts to a life size bronze of Emily Carr riding a horse.

Fafard, an Order of Canada recipient, is accredited with transforming clay into a respected fine art medium and for contributing to the field of sculpture through his radical experimentation with both form and production.

This exhibition presents one of Canada’s most beloved and nationally acclaimed artists in a unique and temporary setting for an exclusive engagement. Lasting only 11 days, the public has an opportunity to view and purchase work by Joe Fafard. Using a space not originally designed for displaying art, but having a direct connection to one of Canada’s most loved historical artists,

Emily Carr, this “pop- up” exhibition is an innovative way of presenting Fafard’s work and bringing a distinctive, personalized art event directly to the community.