What’s this? A bag some visitor left? What is it I smell? If only I could have a look and see, maybe if I just push down the flap I can just have a peak. “Whiskers!” Alas I’ve been caught, but if I show it does not really interest me then maybe… oh, there goes  my human back to her book. Yes, read on my pretty and then I can just look and see what it is I smell…”Whiskers!” Oh curses, she can read for hours without paying attention to me. Why now, is she watching my every move? I must be stealthy- get in and get out, do or do not ,there must be no try. What’s this she leaving the room. Now is my chance! Yes, I can see the thing I smell and if I just crawl in a bit further I can taste one, so close, ever so close…”WHISKERS!” I leap, the bag comes with me, I get it off and run, around the corner she is following. But she pauses, and looks into the bag Oh no! she will know my secret. “You silly cat, those are dog treats! Have you no dignity?” Well to you they are dog treats- to me they smelled like bacon.