I am a good jumper! I may be getting on in years but do not underestimate the power that still stirs in my legs. I lock onto my target and with a powerful bound I succeed. The counter and I are good friends, I have sat about on it many a times and said hello to visitors, read books and have posed for photos. So yes, I enjoy the counter, I can see all and be all there. So when I took my leap of faith I did not expect what happened next. There was this white square in my way, what could it have been doing there? I had to cling onto the edge, cling with all my might that I would make it. I saw the apple of knowledge looking me in the eye- taunting me with questions of life. Would I make it? Or would I fall? I heard the devilish voice of that lion Disney villain, “Long live the King.” And yes, it was then I knew I would make it and not be brought down by this white square with the apple upon it. With a final push I made it and sat tall looking out. The pride of all cats following within me. Yes, Scar you were right, ‘Long live the King.’