Sorry it has been so long, you see I blame my human. The one that has left me to travel to a place called ‘Europe.’ Now we have been in touch, we talk on skype and my other human here at home takes pictures of me and sends them to her, but her excuses for not telling the world my thoughts have been that she is “to busy living the dream.” I didn’t even know dreams could exist if I wasn’t involved in them. But she has informed me that things are quieting down now that she has set up a base in another place called Scotland. So I have had a few words with my human and she has promised to start writing about my little adventures again. Since as you may know typing with paws is very difficult so I must have someone else do it for me. My human and I have come to an agreement, that I will dictate to her what I would like said. For I have been quiet far to long and now that the house will be opening again for the tourist season I feel like I am going to have lots to say.