Ah films, I do love them, because I know that when my family sits on the couch and puts in a movie it means they will be there awhile. I have seen many great films this way, from watching Disney enchant us to a world of magic and fairy tales, the black and white film noir of the Maltese Falcon. I have cried (though I try not to show it) at the end of a Streetcar Named Desire, and laughed as Danny Kaye does a dance across the screen in pants that keep falling down. Oh yes, I have seen many films. Some good, some bad, some terrifyingly terrific and others that should never have left the studio. So when the Oscars come on I enjoy them just as much, not really for the awards- that never seemed to interests me, but for the fact that my humans will be watching them, and that means from 6 o’clock on, they are not going anywhere. Yes, I love the movies.