Listen this is how things are going to work around here. If you wish to come into my home you play by my rules.
Rule #1: If and when you see me, you will acknowledge my presence with a compliment. I like, “He’s so beautiful.” “Handsome.” And or, “What a majestic wild creature.” (But, I will accept anything with the words pretty, cute, adorable, ect.)
Rule #2: When you take my picture make sure to get my good side. I like my left profile the best.
Rule #3: If you see me sitting on the counter, pay the cat. I have to be able to afford cat treats somehow, anything helps.
Rule #4: I truly stand by our motto; “It is better to feed one cat then many mice.”
Rule #5: The most important rule of all. You will undoubtedly acknowledge me but feel honored that I may acknowledge you.
That is all.