I thought spring was here. It came for a few days the sun was out and people were out walking their dogs as I sat near the window looking out, but today was still winter. I guess that is why I have had not much to say, the weather has made it so. I have no wish to go out and get my paws wet. So I get most of my entertainment from the windows, ah so many windows and nothing is going on. Well, there is a black thing in the neighbours back yard, big and black! And some white, you would think it was being a copy cat when it saw me. But my human seems to think it cute and funny when it chases its tail. Please. Like that is cute? Lying down in a sunny spot all stretched out like a panther or a lion now that is cute. But I guess until the weather gets better this is all I have, I’m off to find someone who will love me up.