I hate it when people say, “You can’t train a cat.” What really should be said is you can’t train a human. No matter how hard you try they never understand when you give them their commands; they just look at you and ask, “What is it that you want?”
What do I want? I want you to do what I say! When I go down the stairs towards the door, I WANT out! When I stare down at my dish I WANT food. When I push out of the way the book you are reading I WANT attention. This is not hard. I find these commands simple and easy to follow. Now human., look into my eyes, that’s right, now follow me…good, good. One step at a time. Now open the door! Brilliant, you have finally learned, now I expect you to open the door when I want in and not a minute later. Wait! What’s this! Its pouring rain outside! You must be crazy if you think I am going out in this? Honestly human, it’s like you never learn.